Lead Data Scientist

At Nordsense, we help cities and companies reduce CO2 emission by avoid wasting resources emptying empty bins – and get a chance to cut waste collection costs by as much as 50% in the process. We have developed an end-to-end IoT solution that optimizes waste collection processes using machine learning – and we are already powering San Francisco and Copenhagen.

As a lead data scientist, you will be part of our data science team, building machine learning models and infrastructure that interacts with cutting-edge IoT sensors to identify sensor events and predict fill levels across entire cities. Your systems will process sensor readings from thousands of sensors to enable cities to do smart waste collection where they avoid emptying half-empty containers and where containers get emptied before they overflow. You will be part of every stage of the development from concept to deployment, and your contribution will have a direct and visible impact on Nordsense’s growth in domestic and international markets.

If you're passionate about data science and want to be part of a group that enjoys crafting high accuracy, smart, and robust models, we may be the team for you!

About the job

Design features and build large scale machine learning models to detect sensor events (emptying, on fire, maintenance required, etc.) and predict when it’s the ideal time to empty containers to avoid overflowing and emptying of half-empty containers. This will require you to master stream processing and time-series analysis over time.

You will work together with our backend engineers, hardware engineers, testers, and fellow data scientists to design and implement the infrastructure needed to make modeling, testing, and deploying models smooth. We expect you to be a team player who helps out wherever necessary and takes action when you see problems on the horizon.

  • Work with other data scientists on the team to develop both short and long-term strategies around machine learning for forecasting
  • Collaborate with the hardware and software teams to tune and integrate the solutions you develop
  • Develop and maintain internal monitoring and reporting tools to enable us to be proactive and demonstrate value to our customers.
  • Build internal tools for reducing the installation team’s turn-around time for assisting customers.
  • Build up the Machine Learning and Experimentation platform for data scientists to work with
  • Implement data pipelines that allow for versioning and implementations of the training datasets
  • Collaborate with, mentor, and influence members within your team to drive our development process to enable our data scientists to deliver their best work.
  • Write clean, delicious, tested, and maintainable code, and peer review your team member’s code.

Why Work at Nordsense

We use a cloud technology stack built on Amazon SageMaker, S3, Kafka, Luigi, PostgreSQL, Python, R, and AWS. Don't have experience with these? You'll get it here!

  • You're attracted to a relaxed but ambitious environment with autonomy, where you are trusted to deliver, without micromanagement and like influencing what you do.
  • Work with a fantastic multi-national team of talented and motivated people who love their work.
  • Pension scheme, and private health care.
  • We are located centrally in Copenhagen.
  • Social gatherings.
  • We’re a Silicon Valley-funded startup.

What You’ll Need

You are a curious, self-motivated and communicative person who is eager to learn and ready to join a startup with few formal procedures and limits.

  • BA/BSc degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or related degree with at least 5 years of relevant industry experience.
  • Extensive experience with analytical and quantitative problem solving using advanced statistical techniques.
  • Experience in building and deploying ML models at scale, and very strong data engineering skills.
  • Excellent Python, R & SQL skills for data manipulation, modelling and scripting.
  • Prior experience of data pipelining and cloud-based ML model deployment is a must.
  • Knowledge of deep learning, neural networks, stream processing and time-series analysis.
  • Ability to work in a team environment at a fast-paced, small company.
  • Passion for machine learning, software architecture and best practices.
  • Experience with optimization algorithms is a plus
  • Great communication and people skills
  • Ability to work independently and to prioritize tasks and requests in line with business priorities for yourself and your team – including communicating them proactively to relevant parties.
  • Prior experience in a manager/team lead role

About the Team

Our business requires a clear understanding of real-world behaviors and patterns to do high accuracy forecasting. The data science team seeks to understand these behaviors and patterns through the use of sensors.

We research new models and build platforms to serve actionable insights that cities and companies can use to avoid wasting resources emptying empty bins and avoid overflowing bins.

The team is responsible for processing sensor data, including GPS, distance, temperature, and accelerometer across sensors in the bins and truck driver devices. Our mission is to transform data into actionable insights that empower our customers to become greener, cleaner, and smarter.

How to Apply

Send your motivational letter and CV to jobs@nordsense.com as soon as possible.

We will be conducting interviews ongoing throughout the recruitment process. We hope to fill out this position as soon as possible.


If you have any questions regarding the job as a Lead Data Scientist, you are very welcome to reach out to CTO, Nicolai Bentsen at nicolai@nordsense.com.


waste management, smart waste management, smart bins

Nordsense makes waste collection cleaner, greener and smarter

50 % reduction in collection cost and emission

waste management, smart waste management, smart bins

waste management, smart waste management, smart bins


waste management, smart waste management, smart bins