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March 8, 2019

San Francisco streets are so dirty, the city is spending nearly $300,000 on trash bins that send a warning when they’re overflowing

San Francisco’s streets are notoriously dirty.

In neighborhoods like the Tenderloin, Chinatown, and Mission District, it’s common to find garbage and human feces scattered along the sidewalk. On the filthiest street in San Francisco, passersby can encounter an outdoor drug market with piles of poop and used heroin needles.

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March 5, 2019

Danish Startup Nordsense’s ‘Pod’ Sensor Technology makes City Waste Management Smarter

The garbage in trash cans overflows if not emptied out by the garbage haulers in a timely manner. Garbage haulers have to check every trash bin individually to determine whether it is full or not. A Danish startup, Nordsense has figured out a way to solve this issue with a device based on laser technology which offers to alert the garbage haulers when the trash cans are about to overflow.

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March 4, 2019

Trash talking goes high-tech in San Francisco

The war between the high-tech trash cans of San Francisco seems to be over. The city has thrown in its lot with the cheaper one.
City officials announced last week — after studying and sniffing high-tech trash cans for months — that they have agreed to retrofit 1,000 sidewalk trash cans with a small sensor device from a Danish company, instead of leasing more of the rectangular Bigbelly trash cans that have popped up recently in San Francisco.

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February 27, 2019

San Francisco’s trash bins get smart

Starting this spring, 1,000 trash bins in San Francisco will be fitted with smart sensors that can detect how full they are. Optical sensors that will be mounted in the bins are part of a system that can track and learn from patterns of activity in the bins. The city can then use that information to make decisions on where to place the bins, when trash collectors should empty them and where recycling options might be needed.

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