Technical specifications


0.285 g


5.9 × 10.3 × 5.2 mm



Temperature range

-30°C to 80°C


Global 3G/CAT-M1

Industrial grade distance meter

Optical sensor
Range: 0 to 5 meters
3D Topology aware
Resolution: up to 1mm
Accuracy: up to +/- 1%

Temperature sensor

-40°C + 80°C

Water resistance

IP 67

NS Pod




If you are interested in more than 50 PODs please contact us at for a direct quota

Montly subscription price (per pod)



Payment terms: First 12 months subscription is paid upfront. Subsequent subscription is invoiced quarterly in advance with 14 days credit.

Subscription includes access to the Nordsense Smart Waste Platform, SIM card and all mobile operators fees.

Buyer is responsible for local VAT and import duties.

The duration of the subscription agreement is minimum 12 months, and will be renewed automatically.

Subscription can be cancelled with 90 days notice. Cancellation shall be sent to Nordsense in writing.

The hardware is covered by warranty during the entire rental period. This excludes mis-usage, theft or vandalism.

As a default we will deliver LTE-CAT-M1 devices to the US and Switzerland. For other countries we will deliver 3G devices.