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Accelerating Greener Waste and Resource Management in the Nordics: Nordsense and Neowit Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership

Nordsense and Neowit are partnering up to provide Nordic real estate with more sustainable waste operations. With a smart waste and resource management system based on IoT sensors and data insights, Nordsense is on a mission to help the world become more efficient in the quest to turn waste into a resource.

New innovations have brought us many advantages, but few can compare to the power of data. That’s why smart sensors are such a hit in waste and resource management. The data insights collected from waste containers help you optimize your operations, so you can collect waste efficiently and sustainably, reducing both costs and carbon emissions. And these insights can be even more transformative when combined with data gathered from other smart sources.

A Strategic Partnership for Greener Buildings in the Nordics

As the demand for data-based solutions increases in the Nordic region, Nordsense has joined forces with Neowit in a strategic partnership. Neowit is described as a “one-stop shop for property technology” due to their unique ability to gather information and unify data from various smart sensors in one platform. Established just 18 months ago, Neowit is a fast-growing scale-up headquartered in Norway, specializing in intelligent technology for smart, secure, and green buildings.

“Adding smart waste management to our portfolio is in line with our mission of optimizing operations and reduce emissions for our customers” stated Sales Director, Henrik Andersen. “A growing number of our real estate customers are looking for more environmentally friendly ways of dealing with waste in their properties. And with ESG requirements playing an increasing role in building portfolios and investments, a data-based approach to increasing sustainability in all aspects of building management is really the only way forward.”

Neowit’s Sales Director Henrik Andersen and Nordsense’s VP of Sales EMEA Roar Bolt-Hansen celebrate the beginning of their strategic partnership.

Across the globe, data is in demand as a key driver for decision-making. In buildings, space management and understanding how people behave goes hand in hand with waste management. And over the past two years, we have witnessed fundamental changes to the way we work and interact. Data provided by smart sensors is playing a large role in helping businesses tackle these challenges head on, so they can maintain sustainable and efficient operations.

“Teaming up with Neowit is an essential step on our journey to embedding more sustainability in the waste and resource sector and empowering key actors with data insights,” said Roar Bolt-Hansen, VP of Sales EMEA at Nordsense.

“The Nordsense smart waste system will integrate fully with Neowit’s smart building platform, providing one smooth experience for property management. This will enable building owners and managers to make solid decisions based on data – and not just in terms of waste services, but across all of a building’s verticals. Together, we’re excited to help real estate across the Nordic region transition to a greener way of dealing with waste.”


About Nordsense

Nordsense is on a mission to redefine the waste management industry with data-driven insights. Nordsense’s smart waste sensors measure data points in bins in real-time and provide in-depth data reporting and actionable insights to help you optimize your waste and resource management to become greener, cleaner, and smarter.

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About Neowit

Neowit develops and delivers technology needed to enable smart, secure and sustainable buildings across the Nordics. They help businesses, organizations, and governmental institutions create a complete sensor ecosystem in their properties and run more efficient building operations.

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