Intelligent Routing

Service your bins more efficiently and eliminate overflowing waste with dynamic waste collection and intelligent routing with the Nordsense Navigator app

The Nordsense Navigator app is based on a dynamic approach to waste management collection routes. By focusing on emptying containers in need of service, the Nordsense Navigator app helps drivers perform their daily work more quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent routing is made simple. Drivers and waste collectors simply log onto the app to receive notifications when containers are ready for pick-up.

  • Optimized and cost-efficient collection routes

  • Cleaner streets and less overflowing waste

  • Data insights on trip durations and cost estimations

  • Faster and more efficient daily work for drivers and waste collectors

Intelligent routing
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Dynamic Route Navigation

The Nordsense Navigator app guides drivers through their daily collection routes. The app provides turn-by-turn directions to only pick up only the containers that need servicing. Drivers will be automatically notified and re-routed when new containers become full or when a customer requests a new on-demand pickup.

The Navigator app

Contextual Awareness

Our app uses contextual geographical information to aid the driver and minimize the amount of interaction needed with the device. Simply follow the directions and as soon as the truck is in the vicinity of the container, the app will notify the driver with a picture of what the container looks like.

Easy to report incidents with Incident Handling

Is your container overflowing, broken, or missing? Incident handling can help you better report/resolve these incidents in real time between our applications.

Reduce communication barriers or friction and speed up efficiency by enabling better communication between your drivers and Dispatch Teams or Managers.

Report incidents for waste collection

How Does Intelligent Routing Work?

When you set off on your collection route, containers that are currently full and containers that are predicted to fill up before the next route are added to your route in an on-demand manner. Your driver simply logs onto the app to receive notifications when a container is ready for pickup. Your driver also receives an optimized route with verbal directions to specific containers.

The entire process is dynamic and event-driven – even if a job comes up while your vehicles are out on the road, the app will send an alert to the nearest driver to pick up containers that suddenly become full.

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