Smart Bins

Reduce the footprint of your waste and resource management with the Nordsense smart bin sensor

Smart sensors provide valuable data insights on your operations to help you drive more sustainable waste and resource management.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase recycling rates
  • Measure the impact of your sustainability initiatives
  • Optimize your resources
  • Improve your collection routes
  • Cut down on costs
  • Create a better working environment for drivers and waste collectors



The sensor creates the needed efficiency and empowers you to justify the bins' placement, time, and resources. We’re now on track for the best month in donation collection. All because our team can dive into the data and make better decisions. We’re getting the results we need and ordering more bins and sensors because it works.”

Kassia Lilly, Vice President of Operations at Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley, Inc.

Real-Time Data

Sensors capture fill-level, orientation, and temperature measurements every 15 minutes. Reporting occurs every time your container is filled, emptied, or every 24 hours.

Go beyond assumptions, detect when your containers are being emptied and check whether the services you are paying for are being performed.

Overflowing bins
The Nordsense platform

High Accuracy 3D Topology

A 16-point 3D optical laser with a high accuracy of 1cm (0.5”) and 256-pixel resolution provides 3D depth maps of the contents of your bins.

With multiple reference points, false positives are a thing of the past and high-accuracy data is guaranteed.

No Blindspot

Unlike ultrasonic sensors, which are unable to measure any object in the first 25-30cm, the Nordsense sensor has no technological constraints, making it the perfect fit for even the smallest of bins.

The Nordsense sensor can read targets up to 5 meters away and can be used with the majority of container types and shapes, regardless of whether the contents are solid or liquid.

A man looking at a Nordsense sensor inside a public street bin.
The Nordsense sensor can fit in the palm of your hand

Small and Discreet

The length and width of our smallest sensors are similar to that of a credit card. With its black color and small size, the sensors are very discreet when installed.

Responsibly and Sustainably Produced

Sensor parts can be separated and individually recycled. All of our sensors are assembled in Scandinavia.

A responsibly sourced smart sensor
Get powerful connectivity with the Nordsense sensor

Powerful Connectivity

Get twice the transmission power with 4G (Cat M1) and optional 2G fallback (EU only). Our connectivity covers most of North America, Europe, and Israel.

Replaceable Batteries and Custom Logos

Extend the lifetime of your sensor with replaceable batteries. Change battery packs quickly and easily thanks to separable sensor parts.

Add your own twist to your Nordsense sensors with customized branding and logos.

Smart sensor installation
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Get the dynamic, event-driven approach to the waste collection with the Nordsense Navigator app. This optional feature provides intelligent route navigation, so only containers that need servicing are picked up.

Track the location and movements of your waste containers in real-time with optional Asset Tracking. With real-time data on the whereabouts of your bins, you can optimize your asset management and secure your containers against theft.

Container tracking system

How Do Smart Bin Sensors Work?

Your waste containers are equipped with a small sensor that measures their fill-levels and other data points. Sensors can be placed in many different types of containers and used in a variety of bin sizes and shapes. Our team will advise you on the best solution for your specific container and waste needs.

Smart bin sensors are powered by IoT (Internet of Things). This is a network that connects devices and systems through the internet. The Nordsense smart bin sensors collect data on waste generation patterns and send this information to the cloud. These data are translated into concrete and actionable insights that you can access on the Nordsense platform.

These data insights will subsequently fuel your waste management, transforming your waste management towards greener, cleaner, and smarter avenues.








104mm x 64mm x 52mm

104mm x 64mm x 36mm

Temperature Range

-20°C to +75°C / -4°F to +167°F


4G Cat-M1/LTE-M

2G (Europe and Israel)



Industrial Grade Distance Meter

3d ToF laser (Time-of-Flight)
Range: 0 to 3.5 meters
Resolution: Up to 1mm with multiple points
Accuracy: +/- 2cm

Temperature sensor

-20°C to +80°C / -4°F to +176°F

Water Resistance

IP 67

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