Nordsense currently operates in Europe, Israel, and North America. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark and we also have offices in Sunnyvale, USA.

Turning the traditional waste industry on its head is a journey that Nordsense cannot embark upon alone. That’s why we have local partners who can guide you towards the right solution and help you install, service, and maintain your smart sensors.

Our Offices

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vendersgade 28, 2. th
1363 København K
+46 701 64 95 56




Sunnyvale, USA

1250 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale CA 94089
Tel.: +1 (833) 349-7529

Nordsense in the Netherlands

Nordsense has joined forces with IIoT experts Linkers Techniek, who specialise in making data accessible.

Read more about our partner Linkers Techniek here.


Linkers Techniek

Partner with Us

Interested in partnering with us? We’re always looking for new collaboration partners to help drive the smart waste management revolution and we’d love to hear from you!

A man looking at a Nordsense sensor inside a public street bin.

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