Environmental, Social & Governance Policy

Sustainability is at the heart of our daily operations. Nordsense is committed to playing an active role in sustainable global development, including upholding environmental, climate, societal, and human values. We believe these ideals go hand in hand with sound and competitive business development.

Nordsense follows the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We aim to only cooperate with partners, suppliers, and businesses who comply with these principles.

The Environment

Nordsense promotes environmental responsibility and sustainable development. Environmental considerations are an integral part of Nordsense business practices, and all of our main suppliers must commit to reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes.

All Nordsense main suppliers are ISO 14001-certified. All of our sensors are RoHS-certified, REACH-certified, and assembled in Scandinavia.

Our smart sensor parts can be separated and individually recycled, and the sensors run on replaceable batteries. We select the most environmentally friendly options available on the market. Our sustainability vision is, however, limited by the technology that is currently commercially available. We will implement fully recycled non-flammable plastic in our sensor production when this becomes available.

Our Product and Services

Product quality, delivery reliability, customer satisfaction, and continuous development are fundamental parts of the Nordsense vision on quality. Observance of laws and ethical principles throughout the supply chain and prevention of corruption and bribery are also essential parts of our commitment to quality.

All Nordsense main suppliers must operate by and observe the IS0 9001 standards for quality.

Nordsense is committed to being a good corporate citizen globally and locally. Nordsense’s Code of Conduct details the ethical and moral principles, commitment to honest and fair methods of operation, and behavior expected of employees, partners, and stakeholders.

Our People and Competences

At Nordsense, our social responsibility centers around competence development, occupational health and safety, and work satisfaction. We aim to be a reliable employer with a motivating work environment. Nordsense is committed to human rights, labor standards, and the eradication of corruption, as detailed in the United Nations Global Compact.

Nordsense’s Code of Conduct defines our commitment to social responsibility through fair working conditions, human rights, and equal treatment for Nordsense staff, partners, and suppliers. These include the principle of respecting individuals, preventing forced labor and child labor.

Nordsense main suppliers must comply with ISO45001 criteria for occupation health and safety management.

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