Optimize your waste collection processes

Redefining waste management with IoT

Reliable, Simple, Dynamic

Nordsense offers a simple and affordable solution that optimizes waste collection processes. Whether you represent a city, waste operator or organization that handles waste management, our system can drastically reduce your capital expenditure and carbon footprint, while improving workflows.

Smart cities

Learn how you can keep your city cleaner and on a budget, while reducing traffic congestion and CO 2

Waste collectors

Find out how we can help you optimize your resources, expand your opertations and increase profitability

Facilities & Campuses

Explore how IoT can help you maximize the cleanliness of your facilities while minimizing your waste bills

How does it work

In the bin

In the bin

Monitor any type of waste bin, regardless of its size, shape or content

In the office

In the office

Monitor container levels, manage your fleet and generate optimized routes

In the vehicle

In the vehicle

Drive optimized routes with turn-by-turn navigation and spoken directions

In the bin

Waste bins are equipped with a small sensor that measures the distance to the content as well as a variety of other data points. Thanks to its small footprint and technology, our sensor can be used in any type of container regardless of their shape, size or content.

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In the office

Login to our user-friendly platform from any internet connected device, and monitor in real time which waste bins need servicing. Here you can generate on-demand routes optimized only towards the containers that need to be emptied.

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In the vehicle

With NordSense, you can simply equip your vehicles with any internet connected smarthphone or tablet and upon login, the driver will receive their daily work schedule. Their route will include detailed navigation with turn by turn instructions and spoken direction, available in multiple languages.

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No major upfront capital outlay is required. Available as a monthly subscription and works with any mobile device

Improve Operations

NordSense creates real-time routes that stop only at full bins, saving fuel and maintenance costs while improving customer service

Enviromental Beneficial

Reduce C0 2 emissions, lessen noise pollution & decrease traffic congestion, while preventing unhealthful bin overflow

"NordSense has developed one of the best Industrial IoT applications we have seen thus far. They are systematically instrumenting infrastructure with high-quality sensors which can serve as the foundation for completely reimagining how that infrastructure (in this case, trash bins) is serviced and maintained. The increased efficiency, decreased cost, and prevalence of data that results from NordSense's solution will be instrumental in shaping our view of SmartCities and future opportunities for optimization."

Greg Papadopoulos, New Enterprise Associate

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