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Discover how cities, municipalities, and waste operators around the globe are cutting down on costs, optimizing resources, increasing efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and creating better value for customers thanks to the Nordsense solution.

Here, you can explore a selection of our case stories. Get the ins and outs of exactly how we helped these cities by downloading our case stories below.

How Israel Is Reducing Collection Services by 30%

Dive into the story of Local Government Economic Services (LGES) and 9 municipalities in Israel who are pioneering dynamic waste services, reducing collections by 30%, and using data to predict waste generation patterns.

How the University of Idaho Is Saving USD 100,000 p.a.

Learn how a smart waste solution is empowering the University of Idaho to provide carbon- and cost-efficient facility management services.

How San Francisco Reduced Overflowing Waste by 80%

Discover how smart sensors helped San Francisco’s Department of Public Works to tackle overflowing bins, reduce street cleaning service requests by 66% and illegal dumping by 64%.

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