Our webinar hub is packed with insights and ideas on a range of topics to help you optimize your waste efforts and transition to smarter waste management practices. Whether you're looking to achieve cost-savings, optimize your resources, reduce your carbon footprint, increase recycling participation, or simply get a better understanding of IoT sensor solutions and how you can apply them to your waste efforts, our webinars are full of useful information to help you make the most of your waste services.

All of our webinars are available on-demand, so you can watch and re-watch at your convenience. Browse our digital library below.

Driving Transparent Waste Operations

Take a deep-dive into the digitalization of waste management in this webinar. You'll get concrete action points on how to drive a transparency transformation and enable data-based decision-making for your waste services as well as inspirational stories from cities around the globe on how to use real-time data to optimize waste management.

Getting Started with Smart Waste Management

Explore the possibilities of smart sensor technology in this webinar. Learn more about success criteria for getting started with a sensor solution as well as lessons learnt from waste projects with municipalities in Europe and the US.

Increase Your Recycling Rates

Discover the power of data insights and smart sensors to increase recycling participation in your local community. Dive into a discussion of how a data-driven approach can help you improve your recycling campaigns and achieve recycling goals.

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