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Nordsense and Global Industrial: A Partnership to Revolutionize Trash Cans

Nordsense and Global Industrial have joined forces to increase the efficiency of waste collection in the USA with a brand-new line of smart trash cans. Today, Global Industrial is launching Trash TalkTM, their new line of waste receptacles, powered by Nordsense smart waste sensor technology.

The vast majority of waste collections happen at the wrong time. Waste containers are often either overflowing or almost empty on collection. On one end of the scale, this can lead to illegal dumping, extra cleaning, and additional collection costs. On the other end, companies can wind up wasting a lot of time, resources, and money on unnecessary collections. We need a better, more sustainable way of handling our waste. And in today’s ever-technological world, a data-driven approach is the only way forward.

Global Industrial Launches Trash Talk: Trash Cans with Real-Time Data

Real-time data on the fill levels of waste receptacles has the potential to completely transform the waste collection process by enabling more operational transparency and better resource allocation. Digitalizing waste collection processes and embedding data into waste operations has led to reductions in collection costs and emissions of up to 50% for some Nordsense customers. And now these in-depth data insights will be available as part of the Global Industrial Trash Talk product line with integrated Nordsense technology.

Trash Talk includes eleven different waste receptacles that can provide significant benefits to cities, municipalities, waste operators, collectors, haulers, facility management, campuses, and others. The Trash Talk product line is fully supported and managed by the Nordsense smart waste management solution, which also includes intelligent routing and asset tracking features.

“Thanks to the integrated Nordsense technology, the Trash Talk product line will create a seamless and efficient trash pick-up solution that will help save our customers time, money, and resources, while also positively impacting the environment,” said Bruce Zutler, Vice President of Global Private Brands at Global Industrial Company.

Nordsense smart waste sensors are powered by IoT and measure fill levels, temperature, movement, and other data points in waste containers in real time. These data are sent to an online platform, which provides in-depth reports, 3D topology waste maps, and actionable insights for optimizing waste operations.

A Partnership to Propel the Waste Management Industry Forward

Optimizing and transforming the traditional waste sector to become more data-driven requires all-hands-on-deck.  And with over 70 years of experience with industrial products, Global Industrial is an ideal partner for the Nordsense mission. Global Industrial will help strengthen the shift to smart waste management by bringing more efficient waste collection and smart trash cans to the USA.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Global Industrial, a brand known for exceptional quality and customer centricity,” said CEO of Nordsense Anders Engdal. “The integration of Nordsense technology will empower Global Industrial customers to improve their waste collection process and redefine their operations with real-time data.”

About Nordsense

Nordsense is on a mission to redefine the waste management industry with smart waste sensors and data. Nordsense’s smart waste sensors measure data points in bins in real-time and provide in-depth data reporting and actionable insights to help you optimize your waste management to become greener, cleaner, and smarter.

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About Global Industrial

Global Industrial Company (NYSE:GIC), through its operating subsidiaries, is a value-added industrial distributor. For more than 70 years Global Industrial has gone the extra mile for its customers and offers more than a million industrial and MRO products, including its own Global Industrial exclusive brands. With extensive product knowledge and a solutions-based approach, Global Industrial helps customers solve problems and be more successful. At Global Industrial, “We can supply that®.”

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