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Nordsense Ranked Among Top 10 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers 2021

The Nordsense solution has been nominated as one of 2021’s most promising smart city solutions. Nordsense is on a mission to help the world become more efficient with waste collection. The Silicon Valley backed start-up is spearheading a smart waste management revolution powered by data insights and IoT sensor technology.

Here at Nordsense, we strongly believe that the cities of the future are smart. A smart city uses data and IT solutions to add value and efficiency to its infrastructure and public services, providing citizens with a better quality of living. Cities across the globe are growing and urban development is not expected to slow down any time soon. With rising populations, our cities face increasing requirements for creating and maintaining well-functioning urban environments. And this is where smart solutions come into the picture.

The solutions are dubbed “smart” for a good reason. Simply put, they make sense and are easy to use, both for the people who work with them and for the people who have to live with them. Smart solutions, such as the Nordsense solution, can help cities save on financial costs and material resources while increasing engagement with citizens and the livability of urban areas. A municipality that is at the forefront of the development and implementation of smart solutions is a municipality that makes an active effort to create a more livable city for its citizens and a more meaningful work life and business community for employees in both the public and private sectors.

When we talk about smart cities, we often also talk about IoT (Internet of Things) – the foundation of smart solutions. In a nutshell, IoT refers to the network of physical objects (“things”) that are embedded with technology in order to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems on the internet. As a smart solution, Nordsense also uses IoT technology to power more efficient and sustainable waste management. Sensors are used to monitor and measure various data points, such as fill-levels, movement, and temperature inside waste containers. The data are available online, on the Nordsense platform, and can be translated into in-depth reports on waste behavior. These insights can shed light on areas of improvement for waste service providers, helping cities and municipalities optimize resources, cut down on costs, reduce collection routes, improve recycling programs, and ultimately, provide citizens with a better city experience.

“We’re delighted to be nominated as a Top 10 Most Promising Smart City Solution Provider alongside other incredible tech startups, who are also working to improve our quality of life in cities and make a positive impact on urban development with technology,” stated CEO of Nordsense, Anders Engdal.

Read the full interview between Insights Success and CEO of Nordsense, Anders Engdal.

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