Dynamic route navigation with turn by turn directions

The Nordsense navigator app guides drivers through their daily collection routes. The app provides turn-by-turn directions to pick up only the containers that need to be emptied. Drivers will automatically be notified and re-routed when new containers become full or when a customer requests a new on-demand pickup.

Contextual Awareness

Our app uses contextual geographical information to aid the driver and minimize the amount of interaction they need to perform with the device. Simply follow the directions and as soon as the truck is in the vicinity of the container, the app will notify the driver with a picture of what the container looks like.


Frequently Asked Questions

What devices / operating systems does the app support?
Our app works on both smartphones and tablets, whether iOS or Android.
Does it support multiple languages?
Both our app and spoken directions support different languages. Currently the app comes with English, Portuguese, Danish, German and Hebrew. There will be many more coming soon, but if we have a concrete project, that can of course be prioritized.

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