How Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley, Inc. Is Pioneering Sustainable and Efficient Resource Management


Past event

Join us for a chat with Nordsense customer Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley, Inc. and discover how data is helping them and other clothing bank operators become more sustainable and resource efficient.


Charitable organizations across the globe use clothing banks to collect unwanted clothing and resell it in thrift stores to raise funds for non-profit projects. But many organizations are facing revenue and inventory issues due to overflowing bins and contaminated donations.

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing the benefits of data-driven clothing bank operations together with Kassia Lilly, Vice President of Operations at Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley, Inc. (GIKV) one of 161 independent Goodwill agencies in North America. We’ll also be sharing insights from our other projects with clothing banks.


This webinar will provide you with:

  • Key learnings from GIKV and how they have improved resource efficiency and inventory flow from their donation bins.
  • Action points on how to use smart sensor data to optimize collection routes so you can avoid unnecessary pickups to empty containers while tackling overflowing bins, and contaminated donations.
  • Insights on how data can help you reduce your carbon emissions and transition to more sustainable operations.


This webinar is aimed at charity and non-profit organizations with clothing banks and donation bins.

The session will be hosted online via Zoom. You will receive more information and a link by email when you register. Participants will receive a recording after the webinar.

Ryan Parcell, Regional Sales Manager at Nordsense


Ryan Parcell, Regional Sales Manager at Nordsense

Having worked in the sustainable waste and resource sector for several years, Ryan has a unique understanding of the market's challenges, and how to best solve them. He's an expert in the Nordsense solution, enabling him to understand and tailor smart sensor projects to your specific needs.

Kassia Lilly, Vice President of Operations at Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley, Inc.

An experienced big box retail, warehouse and delivery manager, Kassia has worked at GIKV for over four years and played an integral role in transitioning the organization to data-driven operations.

Got a question or query for Ryan or Kassia? Send them to us here.

About Nordsense

Nordsense is on a mission to help the world reach its sustainability goals through transparent waste and resource management.

With Nordsense's technology, you can remotely monitor fill levels in your bins, predict usage patterns, and gain a better understanding of your operations.

The solution provides actionable insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions so you can run more efficient and sustainable waste services.

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