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From Static to Dynamic Waste Collection: How 9 Municipalities Are Pioneering Data-Driven Waste Management

Past event.
You can watch the webinar on-demand here.

Meet Nordsense customer Local Government Economic Services (LGES) and discover how the transition from static to data-driven and dynamic waste collection routes looks in real life.

With urban populations on the rise, waste collectors across the globe are under pressure to collect trash efficiently and sustainably. Traditional ways of dealing with waste simply won’t cut it. But a smart solution will. Smart sensors and a dynamic approach to collection routes are proving to be ideal matches for densely populated urban areas with multiple bins – and they can help you drive greener, cleaner, and leaner waste services.

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing the benefits of data-driven waste collection together with Moti Hai, Innovation Product Manager at LGES. LGES is a non-profit organization in Israel that helps municipalities implement smart city solutions, including smart waste sensors. We’ll be sharing case studies from our collaboration in nine Israeli municipalities, which primarily use underground and semi-underground containers, as well as insights on how real-time data can optimize collection services.


This webinar will provide you with:

  • Key learnings from LGES and how they have reduced collection services by 30%.
  • Concrete action points on how to use smart sensor data to predict and learn from waste generation patterns.
  • Insights on how to future-proof your waste operations with dynamic and event-driven waste collection.


This webinar is aimed at anyone working with waste management in North America and Europe, including municipalities, waste authorities, waste haulers, and facility management.

The session will be hosted online via Zoom. You will receive more information and a link by email when you register. All registered participants will receive a recording and be able to watch the webinar on-demand.


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Dina Widd, VP of Customer Success at Nordsense

With over 10 years of experience in tech, Dina is an expert in the Nordsense solution. Having witnessed the journey of sensor technology from prototype to a fully up-and-running solution, she has a keen eye for spotting trends and synergies in customers' challenges. Dina has a helping hand in most of the smart sensor installations in Europe and North America, enabling her to understand and tailor waste management projects to your needs.


Moti Hai from LGES

Moti Hai, Innovation Product Manager at Local Government Economic Services (LGES)

An experienced product manager and UX designer, Moti works with Israeli municipalities to accelerate the smart city transformation and revolutionize how they collect waste. With a background in industrial engineering, artificial intelligence, and big data along with a unique insight into scaling data-driven solutions, Moti plays an integral role in the development, design, and implementation of smart waste management systems in Israel.

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About Nordsense

Nordsense is on a mission to revolutionize the waste management industry with smart sensors and data insights.

With Nordsense's technology, you can remotely monitor fill levels in your bin, predict waste generation patterns, and gain unrivaled transparency of your operations.

The solution provides actionable insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions so you can run more efficient and sustainable waste services.

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