February 25, 2021 IN News

Nordsense Ranked Among Top 10 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers 2021

The Nordsense solution has been nominated as one of 2021’s most promising smart city solutions. Nordsense is on a mission to help the world become more efficient with waste collection. The Silicon Valley backed start-up is spearheading a smart waste management revolution powered by data insights and IoT sensor technology. Here at Nordsense, we strongly…

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February 22, 2021 IN News

Webinar: Driving Transparent Waste Operations

Thursday March 11,  2021 10:00-10:45  GMT & 11:00-11:45 CST Sensor technology can help you take your waste management beyond assumptions and start driving transparent, data-oriented waste efforts. In this webinar, we will be sharing insights on how waste services in European and US cities are undergoing a transparency transformation thanks to real-time data. See the…

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February 10, 2021 IN News

Kicking Off Greener and Smarter Waste Management Avenues in Norway

Nordsense and IoT Hardware have teamed up to meet the growing trend towards smart and sustainable waste management in Norway. Nordsense is leading the waste management revolution with a smart sensor solution that aims to make the world’s waste collection greener, cleaner, and smarter. We need a better way of collecting and handling our waste….

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January 26, 2021 IN News

Webinar: Increase Your Recycling Rates

Tuesday February 23,  2021 10:00-10:45  GMT & 10:00-10:45 CST Find out how data insights and smart sensors can enable you to monitor and improve recycling campaigns in this webinar. We will be discussing how sensor technology can help you increase recycling participation in your community and achieve your recycling targets. Read more about the program and…

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