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Kicking Off Greener and Smarter Waste Management Avenues in Norway

Nordsense and IoT Hardware have teamed up to meet the growing trend towards smart and sustainable waste management in Norway. Nordsense is leading the waste management revolution with a smart sensor solution that aims to make the world’s waste collection greener, cleaner, and smarter.

We need a better way of collecting and handling our waste. And with close to 90% of the world’s waste collected at the wrong time, we have an immense margin for improvement. Inefficient waste management is costly to our wallets and the environment, incurring unnecessary expenses, labor hours, and carbon emissions. But turning the waste management industry on its head requires more than new corporate goals – we need new tools and technology.

Pioneering Smart Waste Management in Norway

Although sensor technology is relatively new to the Norwegian market, the interest in sensor-based solutions for waste services has grown exponentially over the past year. In September 2020, one municipality became the latest recruit to kickstart Norwegian smart waste management efforts. They embarked on their sensor journey to provide better value to their citizens through significant operational and cost savings by obtaining data insights on container fill levels.

As Norway takes its first steps to redefining its waste management industry, Nordsense has brought IoT Hardware on board as their local partner to support the smart sensor revolution.

“Sensor solutions are going to accelerate the transformation of the waste management sector, and we predict that this technology will go full scale in all Norwegian municipalities within the next five years,” explained Richard Andvord, Co-CEO of IoT Hardware.

Partnering Up to Bring Smarter Solutions to Norway

Redefining the Norwegian waste management industry is no easy feat, which is why Nordsense has chosen to partner with IoT Hardware. With over a decade of experience with sensors, camera solutions, and IoT solutions in general, IoT Hardware will be on hand to strengthen the shift to smart waste management and bring more efficient waste services to Norwegian cities and municipalities.

“Data-driven insights on how much people are working and how much things are really costing are proving crucial for Norwegian municipalities, which is why the Nordsense solution with customized data insights and a user-friendly platform makes perfect sense,” explained Stian Hellegaard, Co-CEO of IoT Hardware. “After going through all the different products and services on the market, we landed on Nordsense simply because it could offer the best platform solution – it was the most advanced while also being the easiest to use.”

“With IoT Hardware as our eyes and ears in Norway, we’re now able to meet the increasing demand and deepen our understanding of the Norwegian waste eco-system. From informing and guiding municipalities in selecting the right solutions to installing and servicing sensors, we’re excited to consolidate the smart waste management transformation across Norway together,” stated VP of Customer Success at Nordsense Dina Widd.

About Nordsense

Nordsense aims to turn the way we handle and collect waste upside down with IoT sensor technology. Smart sensors monitor and measure various data points in waste containers and the online platform enables organizations to collect data on their waste efforts, including fill levels, collection routes, and waste habits. This cutting-edge waste management platform is contributing to a more efficient and transparent waste industry by helping organizations optimize resources, reduce carbon emissions, and make a positive impact on the sustainability agenda.

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About IoT Hardware

With an eye for simple solutions that make a huge impact, IoT Hardware helps cities, haulers and organizations optimize their waste collection processes to become more cost and carbon efficient.

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