Fleet Management

Log on to our user-friendly platform from any device and determine your own service needs by monitoring the fill levels of your waste bins in real time. Gain insight into your true daily workload and discover trends. Explore optimal container placement to reduce overflowing bins, gain operational efficiency, and minimize complaints. If you are running your own operations, our platform provides advanced route planning - simply define the logic rules of your business and our platform will generate the best way to complete the job.

Route Accountability

Use our navigation app to watch your trucks drive their routes in real time. Use our route replay function to compare a truck’s intended route to the one actually driven.

waste management, smart waste management, smart bins
waste management, smart waste management, smart bins

Optimal containers placements

Our system will monitor your containers fill levels and activity patterns. In a few weeks our system will be able to tell you which containers are most or least active, how fast they fill up, and provide you with suggestions for optimal container placement to reduce overflowing bins.

Zones and Plans

Our platform provides you with comprehensive tools to help efficiently manage your resources. Create zones of interest to focus your attention on a particular district of your city or customer site. You can also create zones to granularly organize your operations, either on a per zone basis, or by creating more elaborate route plans with multiple zones.

waste management, smart waste management, smart bins

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does your solution typically provide?
Our solution can reduce overall costs related to your waste operations by up to 50%. In certain municipal waste operations we have even seen cases with more than a 90% reduction in daily collections. Other intangible benefits include less pollution, less traffic congestion, cleaner cities and more precise accountability of waste operations.
What business model do you offer?
Because we work with many different customer segments we are flexible in our ability to offer the type of business model favored by any given customer. Primarily, we offer the solution as a SaaS model with a flat monthly subscription fee, which includes all device-related costs as well as our software platform and apps. Alternatively, you may also purchase the sensors upfront and then pay a smaller monthly maintenance fee. It is entirely up to you.
How can I access the software?
The platform can be accessed using any Internet enabled device, but we recommend using a computer to get the best possible experience. Our Installation and Navigation Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.
Do you provide an API access?
While we recommend that our customers use our platform to get the most out of the solution, we do have the ability to provide API access for third-party systems like ERPs, etc.

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