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Improve the impact of your recycling programs

As we transition from a linear to a more circular economy, there is an increased focus on recycling rates. With ambitious targets of increasing the national recycling rate to 50% in the USA by 2030, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills by 50% by 2040 in Canada, and recycling 60% of municipal waste in Europe by 2030, getting citizens involved in recycling has never been more important. And yet, increasing recycling rates remains one of the biggest challenges for waste authorities. With so many barriers to recycling, how can we encourage people to actively participate in their local recycling programs?

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing how sensor technology and a data-driven approach can help boost recycling rates. We’ll also be sharing insights from a UK waste authority on how they are using smart waste management to monitor, measure, and optimise recycling campaigns, increase participation in recycling, and contribute to the sustainability agenda.


This webinar will provide you with:

  • Concrete action points on how to identify and overcome barriers to recycling.
  • Examples of how to boost recycling rates from boroughs in the UK.
  • An approach for using data-driven insights to improve your operations.

This webinar is aimed at municipalities and waste authorities in North America and Europe.

The session will be hosted online via Zoom. You will receive more information and a link by email when you register.

waste management, smart waste management, smart bins


Director of Customer Success at Nordsense Dina Widd has over 10 years of experience from different tech companies.

Dina is an expert in the Nordsense solution, having witnessed the journey of sensor technology from prototype to a fully up-and-running solution.

With a helping hand in most of the installations in Europe and USA, Dina has a keen eye for spotting trends and synergies in customers' challenges, enabling her to tailor waste management projects to your needs.

Who is Nordsense?

Nordsense has developed a solution to optimize the trash collection process with sensor technology.

With Nordsense's technology, you can monitor fill levels in your waste containers and receive advanced data that empowers you to make data-driven decisions on a range of factors such as route planning, container sizes and placement.

The result? Lower costs, cleaner streets, and a more sustainable business.

You can read more about the Nordsense solution here.


waste management, smart waste management, smart bins